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The benefits associated with breast reduction surgery are tremendous. Imagine for a moment that some time has passed since you had your surgery. How do you look? Or more importantly, how do you feel? Because this may be hard to visualize and predict, let us help by giving you a few pointers on what to expect!


The results of breast reduction surgery can lead to many positive benefits for patients. Imagine for a moment that some time has passed since you had your surgery. How do you look? Or more importantly, how do you feel? Many of our breast reduction patients at Avosant Surgical Institute express that they feel lighter immediately after surgery. As time passes and their posture and muscles begin to change, they say they feel liberated and free! Because this may be hard to visualize and predict, let us help by explaining what to expect!

There are many reasons why breast reduction patents have the highest satisfaction rate and say it is a “life-changing experience.” For one, breast reduction surgery can significantly relieve or completely eliminate a variety of physical symptoms including back, neck and shoulder pain, breast rashes, skin irritations and headaches, shortness of breath and even low activity level. With smaller, lighter breasts, patients are able to correct their posture, increase muscle strength and stand straighter. They can participate in all kinds of sports and activities they may have never tried before.

In addition, many patients report improvements in their respiratory function and are able to take in more air and breathe better due to the removal of heavy breast tissue, skin and fat on their chests.

At Avosant Surgical Associates, we strive to create a breast shape the "fits" your body. Your breasts have unique characteristics including skin type and elasticity that have a lot to do with how your breasts look after surgery, but with specific surgical techniques and, we will help to create a shape that is natural-looking, firmer and symmetrical in size, shape and nipple position. It is important to remember that immediately after surgery, your breasts may have an odd shape but that over the next few months, they will continue to settle into their new improved position and beautiful, natural shape. Your breasts will also inevitably have permanent scars. However, the majority of our breast reduction patients claim that the scars are acceptable considering the tremendous benefits and life-changing results and in many cases, the scars begin to fade and eventually become nearly invisible. Nevertheless, we always strive to use the latest surgical techniques that result in the least amount of scarring in our breast reduction patients. For examples, please refer to our before and after photos and for more detailed information about the surgery and our techniques, please visit The Experience section of our website.


Breast reduction surgery can also help to alleviate many psychological symptoms including low self-esteem and self-image as well as social anxiety. Avosant’s patients express new feelings of self-confidence and self-assurance because of their enhanced body image. Many even say that they look forward to social events and are more relaxed in public. They are excited to be able to buy beautiful clothes that actually fit their new proportioned body! With an attractive contour and lighter, firmer breasts, our patients are happy and proud of the way they look and the way the feel.

However, it does take time to develop this youthful body image. Having a refreshed, improved sense of well-being and increased self-confidence may not happen overnight as it may take weeks or even months. It is normal to not only feel excited and relieved immediately after surgery but also to feel confused. Unexpected feelings and fears may arise. Anxieties about your new shape or even the loss of your old shape are absolutely normal and eventually, with time, disappear. A great source of support can be other breast reduction patients who will more than likely tell you that the permanent relief of breast reduction surgery far outweighs the temporary feelings you may have right after surgery. If you would like to speak to another breast reduction patient, we will be happy to try to set this up for you with one our Avosant patients. In addition, please refer to our patient testimonials to hear stories from our patients.

There have been numerous scientific, medical studies in recent years that have clearly proven the positive benefits of breast reduction surgery including the overall improvement of women’s quality of life including their physical and psychological health as well as longevity. Many of these studies also indicate that regardless of weight increase or decrease, the symptomatic improvements from having breast reduction surgery will last for years. It is extremely rare for breast reduction patients to experience the same debilitating symptoms they had prior to surgery. To gain a better understand about the benefits associated to breast reduction surgery, please visit our frequently asked questions (FAQs) page or our resources page for a list of article references.

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