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Avosant Surgical Associates was founded by Daniel Golshani, M.D., a board-certified plastic surgeon with two practices in Los Angeles, California and Beverly Hills, California. Dr. Golshani has over 12 years of experience in breast reduction (Mammoplasty) surgery and offers safe and exceptional care for all his patients.

Every year, more and more women are taking advantage of the breast reduction procedure, especially in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. With an increasing incidence of 200% in the last ten years, this specialized procedure, also called reduction mammoplasty, is one of the ten most commonly performed surgeries today. In 1988, approximately 40,000 surgeries were performed. By 2002, the number of patients increased tremendously to over 100,000.

Almost 98% of breast reduction patients recommend the procedure to others as effective in alleviating their unwanted symptoms and improving their lifestyle significantly. Many celebrities and the media, including magazines and television shows, are promoting the benefits of the procedure and contributing to its popularity.

Mammoplasty Surgery in Beverly Hills

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However, there’s more to breast reduction than meets the eye. The physical, psychological and emotional benefits associated with the surgery are significant. Not only does this surgical procedure make you LOOK better with smaller, firmer and lighter breasts but it can also make you FEEL better by relieving many symptoms of back, neck and shoulder pain including poor posture, headaches, severe skin rashes underneath the breasts, and deep and painful grooving of the shoulders as a result of bra straps.

In addition, breast reduction surgery can help to alleviate the social anxiety, body weight issues and self-consciousness commonly associated with having large breasts. By making heavy breasts considerably lighter, this procedure can provide patients with necessary, immediate relief while giving them the confidence and ability to once again wear clothing that actually fits and participate in a healthful and enjoyable active life. Frequently considered a medical necessity covered by medical insurance, a reduction mammoplasty is one of the most effective surgeries available in improving the quality of life.

The decision to undergo a breast reduction (mammoplasty) in Beverly Hills, Ca is often a life-changing event that many women think about for years. Without understanding all the details associated with the procedure, this decision can be quite difficult. That’s why we’re here! With so many internet sites, magazines and TV shows providing you with inaccurate information, we’ve created this website to give you the most up-to-date, evidence-based information available in one place. Let us answer your questions including:

  • Is this the right procedure for me? Is it the right time?
  • What are the benefits and the risks associated with the procedure?
  • Will my insurance pay for this procedure?
  • What other options besides surgery are available to me?
  • How is the procedure performed and how long will it take to heal?

What to Expect From Breast Augmentation Surgery

Our goal at LA Breast Reduction is to transform you into a well-informed prospective patient so you can get more out of your initial consultation and face surgery with confidence. If you are suffering from large, heavy breasts and all of the uncomfortable medical and social symptoms associated with them, join the thousands of women who have improved their lives with the help of our most dedicated, skilled and compassionate physicians and staff at Avosant Surgical Associates located in the heart of Los Angeles, California in Beverly Hills 90210. Let us be your guide...we’ll make you feel better and look more attractive by providing you with the resources, information and tools to really understand why sometimes...smaller IS better.

We hope that you find this site informational and that it will help you understand the benefits of breast reduction surgery. We look forward to meeting you!

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